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Hello Everyone. I’m Karen, I'm so pleased to be here!

My business is with Forever, The World’s Largest Aloe Vera Company. 

I got introduced to Forever as a business concept, that I could work flexibly form home and when I heard all the products are Aloe Vera based, I knew I’d want to know more. 

I’m from N Ireland and as a child my gran had aloe plants all over her home and we had it rubbed on every cut and graze for years! 

I knew the benefits of it and was very keen to learn more, I feel proud to know our company are in control of everything from plant to product to you, so we know you're receiving the highest quality barbandensis miller inner leaf gel aloe, that is possible.

Fast forward…I’ve had my home based business for 4 years now and I love that the products have made such a difference to mine and my families health.

We all drink aloe drinking gel every morning, my husband and daughter no longer have issues with their sensitive skin, I have more energy & sleep better and most importantly, I get the privilege of recommending all these wonderful products to friends and family and now, YOU!

Ranges from skincare to weight management, personal care to skincare, even products for your furry friends.

I look forward to helping advising and supporting you with your health and wellness!


Best, Karen 

Louise Carter - End of C9 weigh in and measurements.
"I am feeling lighter, more energetic and back in control which were my goals at the beginning. I have decided to continue to the F15 programme to build on good habits. My fiancé even commented that my skin looks great! Thanks Karen Neeson thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend. Day 1 of F15 today lets go!"

Customers sons results after using Propolis Creme


Sarah - January 2021
I think I may have found my new best friend!! My lips have been so sore due to the cold weather, having the heating on and just the general stress of life at the moment, I spoke to Karen about this and she recommend the simple but oh so effective Aloe Lips balm...I LOVE it! I’ve used it once so far today and my lips feel so much softer and hydrated, and the best thing is that unlike other balms I’ve used before, my lips haven’t dried out within 30minutes of me using it and I’ve found that one application has kept me going for most of the day (I do a lot of talking on zoom for my job and usually my lips are cracked and dry within minutes!)
so no need to keep reapplying!