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Penelope Searle is a Health and Wellness practitioner offering complementary therapies, clean eating dietary support through vegan nutritional supplements, skincare, and cosmetics.

Penelope’s company is Aventurine Healing. Aventurine is a healing crystal for the heart chakra, it is all about love!

In her practice Penelope offers Arbonne Nutritional supplements which support clients to re-set the gut and then their journey to wellness. Organic, clean, vegan skincare and cosmetics support the daily fight against environmental influence and the joy that comes from self-care.

Complementary therapies include Reflexology, Indian head massage, Injury massage, Energy Healing and Aromatherapy. Penelope specialises in Women’s Health, fertility, Maternity, Paediatrics, Anxiety disorders and Cancer care.

Arbonne skincare: I love the Bio Hydria skincare stuff. I can’t even put words to how it feels. VB

Arbonne make-up: Oh my goodness, this Mascara! You are right it really is the best mascara in the world, my eyes haven’t watered once and it is so buildable. HC

30 day nutrition plan: I’m really enjoying it, which I didn’t expect. Loving all the food and not missing anything. Feeling like I have more energy already! JH

30 day plan: I am feeling so amazing, my muffin top is disappearing, I’ve got so much energy and I’ve lost 7lbs already, I am loving the food and just feel great. MP

Therapies: Thank you Penelope for the most wonderful reflexology session again. The difference is amazing. NVR

After 2 years of trying to fall pregnant Penelope supported me with reflexology to balance my body in 3 months. I had a great pregnancy helped by monthly treatments, and I attended baby massage, which my baby and I loved. HC

Healer tools course: I have never before felt more at ease than I have felt in the company of Penelope at Aventurine Healing. I attended the brilliant introductory course to healing tools where I felt so comfortable and safe to explore different types of healing and spirituality under the guidance of others, and I've met some amazing friends for life whom I will always treasure. RC

Baby therapy course: I have just finished a 4 week baby massage and reflexology course with Pen. It was such a good course, I learnt so much and the atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed. Pen is a great teacher and makes you feel so comfortable. I was really sad when the course ended i wanted it to carry on! I would highly recommend this course or seeing Pen for any other treatments she offers x Beki

Baby therapy course: I cannot recommend Penelope highly enough! I attended her baby massage class when my baby was 2 months old, suffering with awful colic and reflux- I didn’t know what else to try. The massages taught in the classes were an amazing technique to use at home and worked wonders on my baby.

I’ll never forget the kindness Penelope showed me and my family, offering to visit my home and massage my baby weeks after the classes had finished for free to ensure the hard work was not undone... thank you so much! The world needs more people in the world like you xx RF