Early Bird Christmas Market Ts&Cs

The Market will open for stallholders to start advertising their products from 1st September 2021 until 31 December 2021 inclusive. AMOY will provide any further information to stallholders in August.


The market will be closed between 0.01am on 25th December 2021 until 0.01am on 29th December 2021. During this period, no stallholder posts will be approved.


Stallholders will be permitted to submit 2 posts per day to the market for approval (Stallholders will be notified in August of the stall approval times).. The posts and any replies to posts by stallholders must comply with the housekeeping rules as follows:


  1. All posts must contain your stall number and business link

  2. No copyright items including images or quotes unless the correct licences are held. Stalllholders should ensure they own the correct commercial licences for any images or fonts.

Must not advertise products from another business

  1. Be kind and Courteous 

  2. No recruitment style posts including offers of parties

  3. No unsolicited messages 

  4. All posts should be honest, accurate and not misleading.

  5. No direct competition posts onto the market. Stallholders may promote a competition running on a separate page within their posts however this should clearly state that it is not affiliated with AMOY.


The housekeeping rules may be amended or changed by AMOY and will be communicated to stallholders.


The market will run outside of “normal” business hours. Any messages sent to AMOY will be responded to within 4 hours however this does not include between 11pm and 7am.


Stallholders should provide to AMOY within 2 business days of the request, any information which AMOY has requested. This information will be held and used subject to our Privacy Policy.


AMOY will limit franchise businesses to reduce risk of duplication and ensure a variety of products. 


You must have appropriate certification to provide the goods you are intending to sell for example you should have the relevant food hygiene certificates for any food products and CE Testing for child products. AMOY reserves the right to request sight of these documents at any point and may cease your posts approvals until such time as this is provided. 


No items which infringe copyright or violate intellectual property will be permitted on the market. These posts will be deleted. Stallholders should ensure they have the appropriate commercial licences for anything they sell. AMOY may request sight of these. Anything requested should be provided within 2 business days. AMOY reserves the right not to approve any further posts until they are satisfied with the documentation provided.


AMOY is committed to maintaining a lively, interactive, community with stallholders who provide a high level of  customer service and build trust with the customers. . Any posts which violate this will not be approved. Stallholders should be polite, courteous, honest, and accurate in posts. 


 If any stallholder is found to be violating this policy or being inappropriate with the market, AMOY reserves the right to terminate this agreement. 


AMOY takes no responsibility for any products or services sold on the market by stallholders and therefore stallholders should ensure they have appropriate public liability insurance in place for their business. 


Stallholders will also be invited to market their products on daily marketing posts provided by AMOY and may be invited to take part in additional events such as Competition days and Advent days inclusive of the price. Amoy may offer additional “Bolt on” services which will be offered to all stall holders. There is no obligation on any stallholder to purchase a bolt on. 


AMOY will run a charity raffle during the 2021 market and stallholders will be invited to donate a prize. Stallholders are under no obligation to provide a prize or donate. If a stallholder does offer a prize and then later withdraw’s their offer, AMOY reserves the right to terminate this agreement. 


Stallholders will be offered the opportunity to purchase an early bird slot for the 2022 Christmas Market in December 2021 at a discounted price.


Stallholders will be requested to share the market group on their social media platforms at the start of each month that the market is running. 


AMOY will be advertising the Christmas Market on numerous platforms. AMOY will be ensuring the market is reaching a wide audience and will engage interaction and engagement across the market


Stallholders have a 14 day cooling off period from payment of their stall fee to cancel this agreement. If you wish to cancel your stall please email hello@amomentofyou.com. AMOY will confirm within 48 hours that the stall has been cancelled and the arrangements for your refund to be made.. If you cancel within 14 days of payment of your stall,  you will be entitled to a full refund of the stall fee paid less an administrative fee of £10. Cancellations after this date will not be entitled to any refund. 


Stallholders and stall fees are non transferable


If you have any questions or concerns about this document, please email hello@amomentofyou.com