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I’m Leanne and the owner of Leanne May Luxury Home Fragrances. 

What started as a hobby quickly escalated in March 2020 when my main business (hairdressing) was shut during lockdown. Since then it has grown tremendously, we are now handcrafting and posting little boxes of luxury every day. 

Everything we make is packaged luxuriously to ensure they are a real treat to open and a perfect gift for a loved one. 

Wax melts are a wonderful way to fill your home with long lasting, beautiful fragrance. With 28 gorgeous fragrances to choose from and everything you need from burners, bundles and sample bars you are guaranteed to find a favourite.

“Picked up my delivery today and woo am I delighted! Cue a day on my sofa burning blush peony in my new burner! In my partners words as he walked into the room, ‘wow, something smells spectacular in here!’ Thanks Leanne!” – Sarah W


“I bought some Christmas fragrances and I have to say I think they are one of the best wax melts I have used. Burn time is good, the smell is amazing and still remains long after the candle has gone out! Highly recommend!!”- Anna S


“I originally was bought these as a birthday present. And I have to say I now have a wax melt obsession. I've tried a few different brands but these by far have the strongest sent and lasts the longest. Even after they have cooled down/tea light has burnt out the smell fills the room.”-MelissaD


“So excited to start burning these, they smell divine”- Vicky G


“Love these! The smell lasts for ages, even once the candle goes out 💖 very reasonably priced too!” Karen M


“Bought Christmas theme wax melts for my neighbour who loves them! Was so excited when she opened the box to find a scent that she loves, and the other one she wanted to try. A very happy friend! I would recommend Leanne to whoever wants lovely scents to fill their home.”- Jenni N