Hi. I am Laila, the maker behind Lino and Licia. 
Lino and Licia is named after my parents Marcelino and Alicia.
My mum always had an arty vision but could never produce the work herself, even till this day.  My dad passed away just after my son was born and therefore love that I can continue to remember their relationship together, daily. I studied art and graphic design in my teens of which back then my parents disapproved and therefore went into IT for my career. Since having my son, I changed to the health care industry, wanting to help the elderly with their independence. Lockdown has allowed me to find my creative side again, even with 2 children, a nearly 5 year old boy Joshua and 1 year old girl, Tala. Lino and Licia specialises in customisable, handmade magnetic chalkboards with handwritten signs and milestones made with love.

Karen Neeson

Our plaques arrived from Lino And Licia

Thank you! They’re just perfect


Katie Harrison

I can confirm that Mrs Harrison does like it! Thank you so much for our wonderful gifts! I truly feel blessed x


Kelly Maire Byrant

They are amazing.  Thank you so much.