Hi I’m Julie and I run Pink Bloom Beauty. I’m a working mum of 2 little boys as well an Independent Body Shop at Home Consultant*, life can get very busy – especially with the current situation and home schooling! 

I absolutely love being a mum but I for me, after I had kids I felt like I lost myself a little bit. I had work me and mum me but I didn’t have any time to be just me. I decided to get into some good self care habits, started to do some hobbies that I loved and thought it was also probably about time I got myself a skin care routine. A quick wipe for make up and maybe some moisturiser every now and then wasn’t good for it! 

I started using The Body Shop products because they were gentle for sensitive skin, 100% cruelty free, and affordable. The company is producing more and more vegan products, and the community trade projects have made such a huge difference to so many people’s lives.

My skin quickly improved and I started trying out more make up and body products and was so happy with the quality, especially for the price. I became a consultant because I wanted other people to see the results they can get from small changes, and I wanted to offer a really personal service for well known products. 

Request a catalogue and shop directly with me, where I am able to give special offers that aren’t available in the shops. You can also message me and we can talk about your individual skincare needs and I can help you slowly build a skin care or self care routine that works for you and your needs. 


*Any views expressed by me are my own and not those of The Body Shop International Limited or any of its subsidiaries. 

Julie is always very willing to help - whether I’m asking if a product would be suitable for me or just asking how to use a product - she has always got back to me really quickly. Julie knows so much about the products (a lot of the time from personally using a lot herself) but will also ask someone else if they know better and then will get back to you really quickly. Julie has always informed me about offers I didn’t know about, so if I place an order, she will always make sure that I get the most value for my money! And being a member of her group, Julie also understands that things like self care is really important and encourages you to just take some time for yourself, which is so important, especially in these times! Julie will help you to feel better in yourself and about yourself as well, which is something we could all do with.

  • Kay Cammack 01/2021


Julie helped me identify my skincare needs and recommended the relevant products. I have allergies and she always checks products for me before recommending to make sure they are suitable.  She's knowledgeable and friendly, and it is always a pleasure to shop with her.

  • Emily Nunn 01/2021

Julie is a fantastic up-line, offering support and education, but more than that, becoming a firm friend. Working with Julie provided new opportunities for me and she was there every step of the way, helping me to learn how to market products in a sensitive and insightful way that benefitted the customer. I have learnt so much from Julie, skills that have helped me in all walks of life!

  • Sarah P 01/2021